cover image: Countercurrents: Women's Movements in Postwar Montreal



Countercurrents: Women's Movements in Postwar Montreal

15 Jun 2023

In the decades following the Second World War, women from all walks of life became increasingly frustrated by the world around them. Drawing on long-standing political traditions, these women bound together to revolutionize social norms and contest gender inequality. In Montreal, women activists inspired by Red Power, Black Power, and Quebec liberation, among other social movements, mounted a multifront campaign against social injustice. Countercurrents looks beyond the defining waves metaphor to write a new history of feminism that incorporates parallel social movements into the overarching narrative of the women’s movement. Case studies compare and reflect on the histories of the Quebec Native Women’s Association, the Congress of Black Women, the Front de libération des femmes du Québec, various Haitian women’s organizations, and the Collectif des femmes immigrantes du Québec and the political work they did. Bringing to light previously overlooked archival and oral sources, Amanda Ricci introduces a new cast of characters to the history of feminism in Quebec. The book presents a unique portrait of the resurgence of feminist activism, demonstrating its deep roots in Indigenous and Black communities, its transnational scope, and its wide-ranging inspirations and preoccupations. Advancing cross‐cultural perspectives on women’s movements, Countercurrents looks to the history of women’s activism in Montreal and finds new ways of defining feminist priorities and imagining feminist futures.
social science women's studies


Ricci, Amanda

McGill-Queen's University Press
Published in
Montreal, QC