cover image: Best Practices in Mine Closure: A Case Study of Cultural Ecosystem


Best Practices in Mine Closure: A Case Study of Cultural Ecosystem

11 Dec 2023

According to the typology of the United Nations report, The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB), interaction between the different production systems and the types of ecosystem services include recreation, mental and physical health, tourism, aesthetic appreciation and inspiration for culture, art and design, spiritual experience and sense of place (Wittmer et al. [...] Among them are the Wildlife Conservation and Management Act of 2019, the Water Act (2016), the Fisheries Management and Development Act (2016), the Forest Conservation and Management Act (2016), the Tourism Act (2011) and the Integrated National Land Use Guideline (INLUG). [...] In various ways, these include requirements for the quality of the living environment, economic and ecological development of community structures, the preservation of natural values and the built heritage and use of natural resources and communication networks. [...] The directives also provide for company rules and requirements, which emphasize compliance with legal requirements and the Code of Business Conduct and commit to understanding the site characteristics and identification of the extraction impacts. [...] The site contributes to mental and physical health and well-being through sports, social events and recreational activities, which generate revenue; • Aesthetic appreciation and cultural inspiration: The site is the largest and only rehabilitated quarry in Mombasa, a source of inspiration for both dwellers of the region and international visitors.
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