cover image: Invasive Species Strategy for British Columbia 2023-2027


Invasive Species Strategy for British Columbia 2023-2027

30 Nov 2023

73 Text Box: Dedicated efforts are needed to address the 2030 targets for the Kunming-Montreal 74 Global Biodiversity Framework (2022), including Target 6 to “Eliminate, minimize, reduce and or 75 mitigate the impacts of invasive alien species on biodiversity and ecosystem services by 76 identifying and managing pathways of the introduction of alien species, preventing the introduction 77 and esta. [...] 220 221 GOAL 1: Increase Prevention: Preventing the introduction and spread of invasive species is the 222 cornerstone of invasive species management and is the most cost-effective method to stop 223 invasive species impacts. [...] 356 Text Box: The District of Squamish11 has implemented an Invasive Species Management Bylaw 357 that requires landowners and occupiers to prevent growth and control the spread of invasive plant 358 species on, to and from their land. [...] 420 Measuring Success 421 The following indicators and associated targets will be used to measure progress and success 12 422 towards Increasing Responsible Action and Understanding: Goal Target (*refers to data collected Indicator from provincial survey) 7 Increasing number of annual visits to Number of annual visits to invasive species invasive species websites, and websites, and number of follo. [...] Strengthen Knowledge and 424 Practices 425 Controlling and reducing the impact of invasive species on the lands and waters must embrace 426 leading-edge knowledge and integrate diverse knowledge systems.


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