cover image: Movement Growing Worldwide to Demand a Ceasefire Now!


Movement Growing Worldwide to Demand a Ceasefire Now!

19 Nov 2023

Over the past 36 days, the WHO has recorded at least 137 Israeli attacks on health care facilities in Gaza, resulting in the killing of 521 people and the injury of 686 others, 1 including the killing of 16 members of the health staff and the wounding of 38 others, the UN officials said in their statement. [...] and around the world, stand second to none in condemning the savage Israeli apartheid aggression against the Palestinian people, the murder of men, women and children by indiscriminate bombing day and night, the decades of Israeli occupation, the illegal settlements and settlement violence against the Palestinian people. [...] Speakers said that it is clear that the Canadian government, which opposed the resolution at the United Nations calling for a ceasefire, does not speak for Canadians who are out in the streets in over 40 cities and towns across the country telling the world that Canadians call for a ceasefire, for an end to the funding of the Israeli genocide in Gaza, and an end to the occupation of Palestine. [...] 26 The representative of Independent Jewish Voices stated that the conclusion of the Jewish people and other victims of the Hitlerite Holocaust is the call Never Again! She said that means Never Again for All of Humanity! Speakers condemned the arrest in Calgary of a Palestinian activist on the fraudulent grounds that the slogan From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will be Free is anti-Semitic. [...] He said that in the Israeli Zionist state's attacks on the Palestinians is reflected the Holocaust, the genocide of the Indigenous Peoples by the Canadian state, the internment of the Japanese in Canada during World War II and others.
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