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7 Nov 2017

The key event that established a digital sector was the decision of the Northern Electric Manufacturing Company (later Northern Telecom and Nortel) to create a research and development lab on the outskirts of the city in 1958. [...] Since the early 1970s with the work of Bell Northern Research, the Ottawa region has been engaged in several major technological advancements in networks beginning with the development of early analog telecommunication systems to digital and optical communication switches that allowed for the development and expansion of the Internet and wireless communication systems through to today’s next gener. [...] This is due to the fact that with SDN, this server hardware is being commodified, and in the process, the value - the intelligence and control – is shifting from being embedded in hardware to the software that comprises the SDN controller (Darbha & Shevenell, 2013). [...] 5.2 The Importance of Understanding Technology Dynamics From a policy standpoint, the examples given of locally led strategic coupling, together with the notion of a technopreneur, highlight the importance of having a more detailed understanding of the digital opportunities that arise from technological change than is typical of traditional economic development strategies. [...] That they were used in this manner was the result of leadership from regional non-state actors who understood the technological and market dynamics in the digital sector, and the opportunities that come with building relationships with global lead firms and local capabilities.



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