cover image: Why Mexico’s 2023 ban on GM corn is the right move


Why Mexico’s 2023 ban on GM corn is the right move

25 Jan 2024

For example: in the lead-in to the article covering the study, Transgenic corn on Mexican tables - A Study of transgenics in food in Mexico, the article’s author explains: “When Elena Álvarez-Buylla and her collaborators had finished analyzing the results of their investigation on the presence of transgenics in food, they were stunned. [...] Calvillo underscores his point by drawing on the example of the importance of bread to the European diet (analogous to tortilla consumption in the Mexican diet) and the fact that GM wheat can not be imported into the European market for use in bread-making.8 The American Academy of Pedriatics (AAP) in its January 2024 issue of Pedriatics issued a clinical report entitled the Use of Genetically Mod. [...] Farmers worked with the plant, skillfully guiding it to meet the nature of the landscape and the needs of the people. [...] In the report’s summary and recommendations the authors stress that further research is required and should be undertaken into the possible long-term health effects of GMO-containing foods, including into carcinogenesis.9 The recommendations in this AAP clinical report run parallel to Mexico’s desire to apply the ‘precautionary principle’ in addressing the many concerns and unknowns that exist wit. [...] A recent study has shown that a ‘buffer zone’ to contain the high expressions of Bt toxins in pollen drift may need to be 2,000 meters!14 Though the study being referred to here was carried out in Europe, the parallels for the three North American countries of these findings should be of major concern to the Parties to this GM corn dispute when, for example, it comes to Monarch butterfly migration.


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