cover image: Democratic Renewal or Vast Panopticon? Great-Power Rivalry in the Data Economy


Democratic Renewal or Vast Panopticon? Great-Power Rivalry in the Data Economy

7 Feb 2024

contributes to research on autonomous systems in global governance and looks The proliferation of surveillance technologies specifically at the best ways to mitigate and the expanding influence of data collection the negative effects of the widespread and analysis pose serious challenges to human deployment of new technologies. [...] political ascendance is setting the conditions for Multipolarity and a multipolar system (Romei and Reed 2019).2 the Rise of China Leveraging decades of investments in manufacturing, telecommunications, transportation, energy and education, China’s Transformation in the nature of innovation is signature Belt and Road Initiative is now critical to understanding changes in the global reshaping the g. [...] Together, even as heightened tensions and divergent strategic Chinese-led initiatives such as the Asian interests have forced the United States and China Infrastructure Investment Bank, the Belt and to seek out new economic and security alliances, Road Initiative, the Global Security Initiative, geopolitical rivalry between the two countries faces the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and 3 The BR. [...] China was late to the knowledge economy, but its influence has Given the importance of data and information to expanded dramatically with the rise of the data self-government, the dangers of misinformation, economy. [...] Augmented Education in the Global Age: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Learning Even as the global data economy sets the stage for and Work.
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