cover image: How Can Impact Assessments Improve Protection from TFGBV? - Paula Martins


How Can Impact Assessments Improve Protection from TFGBV? - Paula Martins

6 Mar 2024

Headquartered understanding of the socio-economic and technological in Waterloo, Canada, CIGI has received support impacts of digitalization and improve the quality and from the Government of Canada, the Government relevance of related research. [...] In particular, it will assess the potential positive impact on TFGBV of the ex ante systemic risk assessment model proposed by the European Union’s new DSA.1 1 Following the adoption of the Digital Services Package in the first reading by the European Parliament in July 2022, both the DSA and Digital Markets Act have been adopted by the Council of the European Union, signed by the presidents of bo. [...] As for the effects of TFGBV, research has found wide-ranging impacts of TFGBV that can be as severe as those of offline gender-based violence and that include: • promotion of cultures of violence, including the normalization of misogyny and violence against women; • connection to offline acts of physical, sexual and emotional violence; • contribution to the gender digital divide, and exclusion of. [...] 5 How Can Impact Assessments Improve Protection from TFGBV? dissemination of illegal content through their services; any negative effects for the exercise of the fundamental rights to respect for private and family life, freedom of expression and information, the prohibition of discrimination and the rights of the child; and intentional manipulation of their service, including by means of inauthen. [...] And finally, a fifth point of concern relates to the fact that the regime proposed by the DSA assumes and accepts a residual risk when opting for the adoption of mitigation measures; this approach is based on a degree of techno- solutionism that minimizes the negative effects of new and emerging technology, in contrast with the potential benefits for society.
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