cover image: Myrtle Spurge FACTSHEET - Cypress Spurge !


Myrtle Spurge FACTSHEET - Cypress Spurge !

22 Feb 2024

Flowers mature from April Myrtle spurge is native to the Mediterranean region and has through to June and turn red. [...] Cypress spurge is designated as a Management species and Similar Species: Leafy spurge Myrtle spurge is a Regional Containment/Control species by (Euphorbia esula) is more of an the BC Inter-Ministry Invasive Species Working Group. [...] Typically used as ground cover in Dispersal: Myrtle and Cypress spurge produce seed pods ornamental gardens, Myrtle spurge that explode to eject their tiny seeds up to 5 m from the grows between 10-15 cm in height. [...] For both Myrtle and Cypress spurge, it is recommended to bag Integrated Pest Management or tarp all plants, plant parts, and seeds when transporting them for disposal in the garbage or landfill. [...] Due to their IPM is a decision-making process that includes the aggressive nature, these plants can begin new incursions identification and inventory of invasive plant populations, if any plant parts were to escape during transportation or assessment of the risks that they pose, and development composting.
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