cover image: Political Violence in Mexico’s 2024 Elections I. Past and Future


Political Violence in Mexico’s 2024 Elections I. Past and Future

11 Mar 2024

With the small willingness of the federal government to handle the issue and a divided National Electoral Institute (INE) and Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judiciary (TEPJF), a careful assessment of how to address the problem is necessary. [...] The diverse patterns in the relationship between criminality and political violence show how the phenomenon of political violence in Mexico is heterogeneous and local. [...] As one of the results of such efforts, in February 2024, the INE presented the protection plan that the State security cabinet will provide to candidates for the nine governorships, the Chamber of Deputies, and the Senate. [...] The second problem, which is one of conception, is even more serious (...) the underlying problem is not political violence, but the intervention of crime in the elections.” Others also argue that the government has been indifferent and unwilling to confront and take responsibility for the deterioration of the political climate and the rule of law, which has directly led to the undermining of civi. [...] “One of the central concerns is the lack of capacity on the part of both federal and electoral authorities and political parties to address the issue.


Samantha Hargy

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