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Promoting equity and dignity for Aboriginal children in Canad




Eighteen years after Canada ratified the UNCRC, a 2007 United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) report argued that relative to other nations on the list of the world’s 21 richest countries, Canada has been slow to honour its commitment to uphold these rights and ensure the well-being of children (Canada ranked 12th on the list, and the United Kingdom and the United States ranked 20th and 21st, resp [...] The national The unique circumstances of young Aboriginal team, based at the Assembly of First Nations, collabo- children rates with 10 independent RHS regional partners In Canada, the cultural nature of development, the across Canada to plan, conduct and analyze the sur- pervasive influence of government policies (notably vey. [...] This practice, though referred to as the “six- teenagers and comparable to the rate in the least- ties scoop,” began in the 1950s and still continues developed countries such as Nepal, Ethiopia and (First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Somalia (Guimond and Robitaille 2008). [...] There are infants in the Baffin region of Nunavut have the approximately 27,000 Aboriginal children younger highest reported rate of hospital admissions in the than 17 in government care — three times the number world because of severe respiratory syncytial virus enrolled in residential schools at the height of their (RSV) lung infections, with annualized rates of up to operations, and more than a [...] Nations children were in the care of the state, com- In 1999, the RHS obtained reports of First Nations pared to 3.3 percent of Métis children (First Nations and Inuit parents on the health and development of Child and Family Caring Society 2005a).



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