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A background note on benchmarks for wait times




A key commitment of this plan was to develop, by December 31, 2005, evidence-based benchmarks of medically acceptable wait times and a common way of reporting on wait times that the federal, provincial and territorial governments would use in their reports to citizens. [...] Patients in Saskatchewan who are waiting for surgery can go to the website of the Saskatchewan Surgical Care Network and contact a surgical care coordinator to learn what the target time frame is for their level of clinical priority or urgency. [...] Cardiac patients in Ontario and Manitoba are assessed according to clinical guidelines (developed the by the Cardiac Care Network of Ontario) and assigned a recommended A background note on Benchmarks for Wait Times 2 maximum wait time of up to 180 days depending on the seriousness of their condition. [...] For the 90 days prior to the report date: distribution of actual wait times, median wait time, wait time in which 25%, 50% and 75% of patients are served, number of patients served and number waiting. [...] Also reports the number of patients completed during the preceding six months and the number waiting at the end of the period.


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