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A review of rural and regional development policies and programs




Approach and Methodology CPRN has undertaken a scan and analysis of innovative public policy instruments regarding the sustainability and social and economic development of rural communities and regions in the following jurisdictions: ° Government of Canada and the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia; ° European Union; ° United Kingdom, with special attention to policies in Scotland [...] Some examples of the “traditional” approach to rural and regional development outlined later in this paper include: the programs of Regional Development Agencies in Canada and the United Kingdom and of Highlands and Islands Enterprise in Scotland; Forward Wisconsin; and zone- based enterprise development programs and tax incentive measures in Oregon. [...] The increasing importance being attached to place-based policies reflects growing recognition of the complexity and interrelated nature of modern social and economic issues and the need for effective community-based and community-driven strategies that are rooted in local knowledge, draw on and mobilize local resources and expertise, and are delivered through networked relationships and real partn [...] The summary table at the end of this section of the report organizes these examples of rural and regional development policies and instruments, including both the examples in this section and those cited in the appendix, according to the broad policy categories identified in the report. [...] The objectives of the RED Program are to create diversified business climates in rural Ontario; create and retain long-term jobs; ensure a strategic and coordinated local and regional approach to economic development and the creation of alliances and partnerships; and develop information, tools and resources to enhance rural economic development.



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