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2018 New Brunswick Liberal Party Platform




We’ve restored the trades to our schools, brought French Immersion back to Grade 1, expanded and enhanced the programs that provide free child care for low income earners and subsidized child care for the middle class, and the Free Tuition for low-income earners and Tuition Relief for the Middle Class programs have given thousands of students the opportunity to pursue their dreams at our public co [...] More recently, Blaine Higgs and While the unemployment rate in New Brunswick the Conservatives opposed most of the major dropped from 10.1 percent in 2014 to 8.3 percent job creation measures and investments made in August 2018, the Gallant Government also by the Gallant Government over the past four contributed to the creation of over 15,000 jobs in years, including investing $150 million more th [...] Recognize the increasing complexity of needs of nursing home residents, the need for flexibility in hours of care • Created a new benefit for informal for different types of patients, and the need to address caregivers to recognize the work they. [...] For example, Blaine Higgs and the court for the first time, expanded access to Conservatives abolished the Advisory Council reproductive services, and reduced the wage gap on the Status of Women simply to save money. [...] It also understands that the protection of our environment is critical to the health of our province, to the well-being of our families, and to the vibrancy of our economy.


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