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A guide for the concerned : Guidance on the elaboration and implementation of border carbon adjustment




As with the exemptions described above, any system of the written comments and the results of these discussions should be calibrated credit would need to be accompanied by provisions to taken into account in the final regime design. [...] At a minimum, the continued application of BCA should be contingent on explicit THE APPLICATION OF BCA TO EXPORTS criteria related to the state of progress in achieving a low-carbon We do not recommend the use of export adjustment in BCA economy, and in achieving international cooperation on climate regimes. [...] A particular difficulty in using BCA for leverage is the met regardless of the validity of the exemptions, including the potential conflict this creates with the UNFCCC principle of requirement that a measure does not represent “arbitrary or common but differentiated responsibility and respective capabilities unjustifiable discrimination between countries where the same (CBDR), which recognizes th [...] In to the exporting country – the associated increases from the sector certain cases it could work, though; carbon taxes could be calibrated will have to be compensated by reduced emissions from some other to account for the difference in price levels across two different sector to maintain the cap (provided that the cap is set low enough regimes, and different emissions trading systems may succee [...] In the volumes of trade exempted, and the more intense the GHG practice, rules of origin are based on one of three criteria: production implicated, the greater the impact.


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