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2019 Platform




Keywords: • economy • public finances • user pays • intergenerational equity • public services Resolution #12 - The aggregate compensation of the public service When a company chooses to provide goods and services to the population through the same employees of the State, it’s essential that these employees are paid properly to achieve quality of service to which the public expects. [...] Keywords: • economy • housing • real estate Resolution #19 - A group insurance plan for Mem- bers of the National Assembly that is fairer to tax- payers A government of the Conservative Party of Québec will require Members of the Na- tional Assembly to contribute 50% to the funding of their group insurance plan, as is 10 CHAPTER 1. ECONOMY AND PUBLIC FINANCE already the case in most private sector [...] Other home care services for assistance in daily activities and domestic help will continue to be the subject of graduated coverage depending on the degree of dependency and of the nature of the service, and the ability to pay (in all cases, the poorest should be protected); • To allow a patient to receive either a cash payment or a tax credit so they can choose the provider of their choice; • To [...] Keywords: • health 18 CHAPTER 2. HEALTH Resolution #33 - Empowering individuals to donate organs and tissues A government of the Conservative Party of Québec will make the following amend- ments to article 2.0.8 of the Act facilitating organ and tissue donations: • For the purposes of the fourth paragraph of article 2, any person may, at any time from his application for registration with the Régi [...] The Health Commissioner was responsible for assessing the results achieved by the health and social services system, taking into account all the interactive systemic elements of the latter and to provide the population with the necessary elements for a comprehensive understanding of the actions taken by the Government in the light of the major issues in health and social services.