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A Guide for Trusted Adults




It's also important to remember that young people are still learning to manage their emotions and negotiate relationships, online and offline, and still need the guidance and emotional support that they've always looked for in the trusted adults in their lives. [...] It’s important to talk to girls about how to react appropriately to online drama and give them the skills to mediate between friends so situations don’t spiral out of control. [...] Help girls to start by assuming that the other person didn’t mean to make them mad, and to try to talk to them face-to-face before responding online. [...] Instead, you can help her to If the photo is being used to harass or bully her, recognize the physical signs you can report it and ask for it to be removed: that tell her that she's upset or scared – like feeling tense or nearly all social networks have a “Report” having a racing heart – and button or something similar. [...] One of the times young women most need the help of a trusted adult is when they have to turn to the law for help.


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