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10 Myths About Carbon Pricing in Canada /




MYTH FACT • The federal rebate will cover the direct carbon costs for 80% of households (and CARBON PRICING The carbon price is total costs for 70%). [...] CARBON they don’t change PRICING IF the incentive the • The federal rebate will cover the direct GOVERNMENTS price provides to carbon costs for 80% of households (and REBATE THE pollute less. [...] Estimates show that the impact of a what we buy from and sell to one another, which will have a small gradually rising carbon tax on employment in the United States effect on the types of industries that Canadians work in and the would be a fraction of a per cent, or possibly too small to detect, types of work that Canadians do. [...] Analysis from the United Kingdom found that its Analysis of British Columbia’s carbon tax suggests it led to a. carbon tax did not lead to a significant shift in jobs over the period 2% increase in the total number of jobs in the province between 2007 of study (Martin et al., 2014). [...] The first is a feature, not a bug, and it will ensure that carbon pricing is not is the economy-wide carbon tax that covers households and most a barrier to strong economic growth in Canada (Canada’s Ecofiscal businesses; the second is a performance standard that puts a price Commission, 2015; Leach, 2018).


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