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A Case Study of Regulatory Capture, Systemic Corruption and the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission /




The transfer of wealth from citizens to corporations was originally facilitated by the enactment of an unprecedented regulation in 1994 (subsection 18(6.3) of the Cable Television Regulations, 1986), while I was employed in the Canadian broadcasting industry for my knowledge of the cable television industry and its regulation by the CRTC. [...] Evidence includes the federal regulator’s ‘official statement’ about the Regulation 18(6.3) affair containing false and misleading information (CRTC, 29 March 1995), related questions in the House of Commons to Prime Minister Jean Chrétien being left fundamentally unanswered (Hansard, 30 March 1995) and the failure of the government to publicly review the matter – despite the nature of the scheme [...] For example, the CRTC has the same powers, rights and privileges as a superior court of record to conduct its hearings “with regard to the attendance, swearing and examination of witnesses at the hearing, the production and inspection of documents, the enforcement of its orders, the entry and inspection of property and other matters necessary or proper in relation to the hearing” (Broadcasting Act [...] While the Broadcasting Act stipulates that the Canadian broadcasting system should encourage the development of Canadian programming in the public interest, federal regulators abused the authority of the CRTC to unjustly enrich cable television companies and permit revenue to be siphoned out of the broadcasting system to subsidize other commercial ventures, purportedly to promote the production of [...] Prior to the start of that public hearing, a submission was filed to the CRTC from the Canadian Cable Television Association (CCTA), noting that cable television companies were prepared to voluntarily donate money to subsidize the operations of private television production companies.


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