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A select and annotated bibliography regarding Bill C-31, Indian Registration and Band Membership, Aboriginal Identity, Women and Gender Issues : Bibliographie choisie et commentée sur le projet de loi C-31, l'inscription au Registre des Indiens et l'appartenance à la bande et les questions relatives aux femmes et au genre




The notes describe in detail the arguments put forth in the case, the background on the case, and the decision and dissenting opinions filed by the judges. [...] She shows that despite the division of labour between males and females, the centrality of the household among the Huron allowed Huron women to resist male domination and the undermining of their traditional roles. [...] The author discusses the Drybones, Lavell and Bedard cases, the Bill of Rights, and the role of the women's lobby in affecting Charter challenges. [...] In this booklet, the author discusses the evolution of the Indian Act and the definition of Indian under the act, including the Bill C-31 era. [...] The author concludes that the Canadian government’s response to Lovelace was insufficient, and recommends that the decision of the committee be used to urge legislative change to end the discrimination contained in the Indian Act.


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