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"Off welfare ... now what?"




The overall goal of CUISR is to build the capacity of researchers, community-based organizations and citizenry to enhance community quality of life.” This mission is reflected in the following objectives: (1) to build capacity within CBOs to conduct their own applied social research and write grant proposals; (2) to serve as a conduit for the transfer of experientially-based knowledge from the com [...] Researchers within each of the modules examine these dimensions from their particular perspective, and the results are integrated at the level of the Institute, thus providing a rich, multi-faceted analysis of the common social and economic issues. [...] The integrated results are then communicated to the Community and the University in a number of ways to ensure that research makes a difference in the development of services, implementation of policy, and lives of the people of Saskatoon and Saskatchewan. [...] The conclusion of the analysis is that these programs do not take into consideration the diverse needs of people on assistance, and that job searches are not quick fixes to a challenging labour market and a provincial social system that does not readily promote the health and well-being of its recipients. [...] While the previous report was based on the researcher’s knowledge and work, the analysis in this report is the work of both the Coalition and community members, and was collected using a group analysis method.



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