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A Comprehensive Review and Development of Measurement Options for Essential Skills Initiatives




The following is a discussion of the origin of the standardized literacy assessments from International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS), and the subsequent development of objective assessments of generic Essential Skills. [...] Finally, task selection considered the processes or strategies used to relate information requested in the question to the necessary information in the text, and the processes used to provide a response. [...] This Level 4 task requires the reader to identify the correct amount of interest in the table and add the interest to the principal in order to obtain the correct answer. [...] Prose Document Quantitative Level 1 Most of the tasks at this level Most of the tasks at this level Although no quantitative tasks used (0-225) require the reader to locate require the reader to locate a in the IALS fall below the score value one piece of information in the piece of information based on a of 225, experience suggests that text that is identical or literal match. [...] Some tasks at this be easily inferred from the wording of integrate two or more pieces of level may require the reader to the question or the format of the information, or to compare and enter information onto a form or to material (for example, a bank deposit contrast information.


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