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A social insurance model for pharmacare




A prominent concern in this into the future, as demography raises the utilization troubling commentary is the increasing cost of of the program and slows the growth of the drug programs, which tend to outpace other workforce that underpins provincial output and healthcare spending. [...] In the mid-1990s, the 6 The movement of the babyboomers out of traditional workforce age, which these projections assume happens at age 65, depresses the income that is the denominator of the ratio in Figure 2, a key factor in the steep upward slope of the line. [...] This option has payroll tax option – ODB contributions levied on the superficially appealing feature that it would income between a low-income threshold and a 14 In the case of the CPP, the formal split of the levy has some implications for funding, since employer-side contributions in respect of earnings that are less than the YBE do not get refunded, becoming a kind of surcharge to the plan that [...] While far from perfect as a consumption ODB Contributions on Income from tax, with zero rates on certain categories of Employment, Capped at 1.5 times the YMPE: expenditure, arbitrary rates on others that have In the case of the CPP, the cap on contributions at exempt status, and special treatment of certain the YMPE is logically connected to the limit of buyers and point-of-sale rebates, the HST [...] Fund to stabilize the current-contribution cost of Trusts are generally excludable from the books the ODB has no necessary implications for the of the province because the government is way benefits should be paid.



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