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"Nothing about us without us"




The author and the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network wish to thank the project partners of the international version of the report: the International HIV/AIDS Alliance and the International Harm Reduction Program (IHRD) of the Open Society Institute’s Public Health Program; the project partners of the original version of the report: the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users, CACTUS Montréal and the B [...] Goals and objectives The goal of this report is to promote respect for the human rights of all people living with or vulnerable to HIV, and to promote and protect the health of people who use drugs. [...] The objectives are • to increase knowledge and understanding of the issues related to greater involvement of people who use illegal drugs in the response to HIV/AIDS and HCV by governments, funders, and non-governmental organizations in countries around the world; • to increase the capacity of non-governmental organizations and governmental stakeholders to involve people who use illegal drugs more [...] The social and organizational response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic has been profoundly affected by the growth of a self-identified community of people living with HIV demanding a say in the development of policies and the delivery of services. [...] Supporting organizations of people who use drugs As the experience of many vibrant organizations of people who use drugs in countries around the world has shown, organizations of people who use drugs can make a unique and vital contribution and play an important role in preventing the spread of bloodborne infections, in particular HIV, and in “Nothing About Us Without Us” Greater, Meaningful Invol



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