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“Call Me a Business Owner, Not a Refugee!”




Lubna has consulted for numerous activist groups, social start-ups and non-profit efforts in support of refugees and underprivileged individuals in Europe and the Middle East, and worked and volunteered in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Croatia and the United States before settling in Germany. [...] Entrepreneurship Monitor study across 69 economies and an analysis by the Organisation While the lack of research on newcomer for Economic Co-operation and Development entrepreneurship and the vast differences among (OECD) show that migrants generally have a higher newcomer scenarios hinder the development of likelihood to pursue entrepreneurship than locals standard solutions, this paper aims to [...] A study in Belgium shows that from forced migration; and stimulate domestic newcomer entrepreneurs are mostly active within entrepreneurship in the host country (Wauters the “trade and industry” and “handicrafts” sectors and Lambrecht 2008; Brandt 2010; Betts, Bloom and are highly driven by a desire to integrate into and Weaver 2015; Munkejord 2017; de la Chaux and the host community and to achiev [...] Another study business activities; enhance the vitality of certain across Kenya, Jordan, Uganda, the United States neighbourhoods and sectors of the economy; and and South Africa shows that knowledge of and contribute to the discovery and development of the desire to address market needs and problems new markets (Lee 2015; Nathan 2015; Rath and facing their own community motivate newcomers Schutje [...] The challenges faced by and the incentive, and an accommodating culture, where support needed for a newcomer shop owner in community members provide advice and support.3 a refugee camp in a neighbouring country could differ greatly from those by and for a newcomer tech innovator in a European city.


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