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Citizenship and precarious labour in Canadian agriculture /

5 Nov 2015

The opinions and recommendations in this report, and any errors, are those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publishers and the funders of this report. [...] Farmworkers tend In seeking to understand the connections between how citizenship shapes labour market outcomes to refrain from and the enjoyment of rights, including workplace health and safety and health care, Goldring and accessing health Landolt’s concept of precarious legal status is useful.60 Precarious status identifies individuals or services and fail to groups to whom the following applie [...] When asked to rate activities they carried out on the job in terms of the perceived risk to their health and safety on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 indicated very low risk and 10 indicated very high risk (hereafter the “risk scale”), 44 per cent of the Mexican migrants and 22 per cent of South Asian immigrants rated “working with an aggressive boss or supervisor” as high risk (≥7). [...] In fact, when asked to rate “Working without knowing the language of the supervisors or employer” on the risk scale, the median risk assessment of Mexican migrants was 6 and that of South Asian immigrants was 2. CITIZENSHIP AND PRECARIOUS LABOUR IN CANADIAN AGRICULTURE 21 ACCESS TO HEALTH CARE Language barriers also constitute one of multiple barriers to health care identified in this study, parti [...] Make continued registration contingent on abiding by their contract with the TFW, the ESA and other BC legislation.102 • Ensure, through the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training and the Ministry of Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services that WorkSafeBC is fulfilling its mandate to promote healthy and safe workplaces through the administration of the Workers’ Compensation Act and th
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Otero, Gerardo, Preibisch, Kerry

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Ottawa, Ontario

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