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A European flavour for Medicare




Can- put the emphasis on what was in the patient’s in- ada is near one end of the spectrum, with heavy terest ahead of the interest of health care provid- government involvement in both the financing ers. [...] Or are the opponents of health care reform hierarchical, although in Sweden – as in contrast in Canada correct in their assertion that Cana- to England – the responsibility for health care is da’s health care policies are sufficient for the cre- delegated to county councils. [...] In Sweden, the low number can be traced to the use of global budgets for acute care hospitals Canada’s inventory of CT scanners is also much and the Ädel Reform of the 1990s, which trans- smaller than that in the average developed nation ferred the responsibility for medically treated (OECD 2011). [...] The federal government also provides ev- of quality of health care in the international idence-based guidelines for the treatment of comparisons section above, Sweden tends to patients through various federal bodies (includ- be among the top ranking nations in the large ing the Swedish Council on Health Technology majority of quality measures. [...] The Swedish health care system’s ability to pro- vide more and better health care services for 12 As is the case throughout the developed world, percent fewer financial resources (as a share of Sweden’s health care system is in a constant state GDP), as well as its generally high performance of reform as governments seek to improve qual- of health service outcomes and quality of care, ity and acce



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