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Gaining access to appropriate cancer services




As the population in Ontario 2. Increase supply of cancer resources in Ontario grows and ages, the demand for cancer services 3. Coordinate access to cancer services will also grow, yet demand-based strategies have 4. Increase efficient use of existing done little to reduce waiting times and the burden cancer resources of cancer. [...] In recent days, care guarantees1 have been promoted as a way to tackle the waiting time In keeping with these four strategies, the CQCO problem; however, definitive action on multiple proposes a menu of tactics to tackle the burden of fronts is required to avoid ongoing lengthy waiting cancer and the associated pressure on the cancer times for cancer services. [...] Further investment the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for large in tobacco control will reduce the cancer burden in Page 9 Gaining Access to Appropriate Cancer Services: Continued from page 8 Ontario, thereby reducing the demand for cancer Despite the benefits of diet, physical activity and services and waiting times for diagnostic services, healthy body weight, obesity is on the rise in Canada. [...] Therefore, it is • Dedicate additional funding to screening essential that the capacity of the system be increased programs to increase breast and cervical in addition to the other proposed solutions in order to screening in the province ensure that access to services remains equitable • Encourage breast screening in those across the province. [...] In the Trent Cancer Network, long waiting Process improvements in individual departments times for trans-rectal ultrasound and biopsy procedures undertaken as part of the larger system picture in the Urology Department prompted a redesign of could improve the function of the entire system.


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