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A framework for suicide prevention planning in Manitoba




Genetic and biological predispositions There is a body of research that has found genetic and biological predispositions to suicidal behaviour, aggressive and impulsive behaviour and the mental disorders with which suicide is associated. [...] Enhance the training of gatekeepers, volunteers and professionals for recognition of risk factors, warning signs and at-risk behaviours and for effective intervention. [...] Resources include 1) the five-day RCMP Sponsored White Stone program for Aboriginal youth educators and 2) the Suicide Program of the Youth Secretariat of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs. [...] Examples of Activities: Assessment 1. Ensure clinical protocols contain guidelines for assessment of patients following a suicide attempt and identify the need to follow-up and assess the risk of suicide 24- 48 hours after discharge from hospital. [...] Mental Health literacy Like “language literacy” (ability to read and write), and “numeracy” (understanding of mathematical concepts) mental health literacy refers to knowledge and understanding of concepts related to mental health, mental illness and mental health supports.


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