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A context for change management in the Calgary Regional Partnership Area, changing people in a changing region : Future population, labour force and employment in the Calgary regional partnership area




While the pattern of peaks and troughs follows the provincial situation closely, the magnitude of the variance has been much more insulated in the Study Area: the low of 0.2 percent growth the Over the past two province saw in 1987 was marked by 0.9 percent growth in the Study Area, while 2003 saw the province decades the Study grow by only 1.4 percent as the Study Area grew by 1.9 percent. [...] For example, the age profiles reflect the low level of births in Canada during the First World War (indicated by the notch in the age profiles between the ages of 67 and 71 in the 1986 profile, and between 87 and 91 in the 2006 profile, the ages that correspond to births between 1915 and 1919). [...] Just as it has over the past fifty years, the continued upward shift of the region’s age profile, with the aging of the boom cohort, will bias not only the shape of the age profile for the next seventy years, but will also change the very fundamentals of demand and supply of public and private goods and services in the region. [...] Only in the much longer term will this influence diminish, with the mortality of this cohort, returning the CRP (and the rest of Canada) to the situation where there will be a closer balance of the roles mortality and natality play as determinants of the profile, and size, of the region’s population. [...] For of the resident example, the projection of immigrants to the Region is based on the expected number of immigrants population moving to the province which, in turn, is reflective of the national context for immigration in the coming emphasizes the years.


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