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A framework for the law as it affects persons with disabilities : Cadre du droit touchant les personnes handicapées : promotion d'une égalité réelle pour les personnes handicapées par les lois, les politiques et les pratiques : rapport final




The mandate of the LCO is to recommend law reform measures to enhance the legal system’s relevance, effectiveness and accessibility; improve the administration of justice through the clarification and simplification of the law; consider the use of technology to enhance access to justice; stimulate critical legal debate; and support scholarly research. [...] September 2012 1 A FRAMEWORK FOR THE LAW AS IT AFFECTS PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES In developing the Framework for the Law as It Affects Persons with Disabilities, the LCO adopted the following starting points: 1. Understanding that access to justice requires looking beyond the clarity, efficiency and effectiveness of the law to consider normative issues; 2. Recognition of the broader social and env [...] This includes the demographic reality of disability and its effects on loved ones, including the lack of adequate supports; the diversity of the experience of disability and its relation with other aspects of identity; and the socio-economic consequences arising from education and literacy levels, employment, income security and other aspects of life and their impact on the life course of persons [...] The LCO’s Framework centres on a set of principles for the law as it affects persons with disabilities in order to counteract negative stereotypes and assumptions about persons with disabilities, reaffirm the status of persons with disabilities as equal members of society and bearers of both rights and responsibilities, and also encourage the government to take positive steps to secure the well-be [...] V. Applying the Framework: The Law and Access to Attendant Services This Chapter illustrates the application of the Framework through consideration of a current issue in the law as it affects persons with disabilities: the legal framework through which persons with disabilities receive supports in the community for needs related to activities of daily living.


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