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I commend the International Human Rights Program of the University of Toronto Faculty of Law for having committed themselves to this project, and more generally for their determination to speak honestly about the continuing shame of migrant detention in Canada. [...] This report finds that Canada’s detention of migrants with mental health issues in provincial jails is a violation of binding international human rights law and constitutes arbitrary detention; cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment; discrimination on the basis of disability; violates the right to health; and violates the right to an effective remedy. [...] Unfortunately, while the laws and policies on their face pay lip service to the importance of exploring alternatives to detention, the numerous counsel and experts we interviewed all identified the lack of meaningful or viable alternatives to detention for those with mental health issues due to ingrained biases of government officials and quasi-judicial decision-makers who review continued detenti [...] The detention of migrants with mental health issues in provincial jails violates the human rights of some of the most vulnerable people in Canadian society. [...] Of course, nothing in this report should be read IN FOCUS: The Criminalization of Migrants with Mental Health Issues Because detention of migrants is sometimes justified up into the criminal justice system.” They go on to on the basis of a past criminal conviction, it is find that “our jails have become the mental health important to contextualize this against the increasing system of last report,



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