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A New Direction: Ontario’s Immigration Strategy




Our government reacted quickly to ensure frontline responders had the additional support they needed, and created a Syrian Refugee Resettlement Secretariat to ensure that ministries across government were able to provide seamless and coordinated support for the thousands of refugees settling in the province. [...] It is key to stimulating innovation, to growing our workforce and to bringing in the people who have the skills and abilities we need. [...] The Ontario Chamber of Commerce facilitated these roundtables, and the ministry is using the findings to identify opportunities to improve existing programs, and determine what could be done differently to improve program effectiveness. [...] This is a testament to the compassion of Ontarians and to the responsiveness and flexibility of this province’s settlement system. [...] The Newcomer Settlement Program (NSP) was designed to help new Ontarians overcome these challenges by providing them with the information, tools, resources, and essential supports they need to integrate successfully and to contribute to society and the economy.


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