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A global market in the heart of Winnipeg : Measuring and mapping the social and cultural development of food in the central market for global families




Social Enterprises Knowledgeable Economies and Sustainable Communities A Global Market in the Heart of Winnipeg Measuring and Mapping the Social and Cultural Development of Food in the Central Market for Global Families Kaeley Wiseman, Jino Distasio, and Raymond Ngarboui A research report prepared for the Northern Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan Regional Node of the Social Economy Suite Funded [...] The project was managed by four regional partners — the Centre for the Study of Co-operatives and the Community-University Institute for Social Research at the University of Saskatchewan, the Winnipeg Inner-City Research Alliance and later the Institute of Urban Studies at the University of Winnipeg, and the Community Economic and Social Development Unit at Algoma University. [...] Though community food assessments can lead to a diversity of outcomes, the Central Market research will address the research questions through the following aims: •. Develop stronger networks and partnerships among the neighbourhood, the market, and the broader Winnipeg community by providing a detailed case study of the Central Market for Global Families as a social enterprise and identifying new [...] The choice of focus groups and engagements aims to address this goal of mutual learning and the achievement of a social goal, namely, the creation of a road map for the future of the market. [...] It is hoped that by creating a cohesive market group, which has a sense of ownership and input into the direction and design of the market, the producers will develop a deeper vested interest in the initiative and the community.



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