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Their purpose was to explore the extent to which community services targeted at Punjabi seniors at these two locations address the social determinants of mental health, identified by Keleher and Armstrong (2005): ♦ social inclusion ♦ freedom from violence and discrimination ♦ and access to economic resources At each of the community forums, older Punjabi men and women shared their experiences and [...] Service providers met in separate groups to discuss the nature and scope of the services they provide and their perceptions of the benefits to their older Punjabi clients. [...] Social inclusion is an important determinant of mental health and wellness in this population, in terms of the need to feel respected and valued, to have supportive relationships, to participate in the community and to have access to basic human entitlements. [...] It pays attention to the whole person in the whole community: to individuals (both interior and exterior experiences), to the systems and structures within which we carry out our activities, and to the culture of our day-to-day lives. [...] The purpose of the training was to further sensitize service providers to specific components of mental health promotion and help them to think about the services in terms of social and economic determinants of mental health.


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