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A scoping review of disability policy in Canada




The lack of evidence upon which to base responses to questions like those below stands in the way of the development of coherent and equitable disability policy. [...] The purpose of this research is to begin a comprehensive survey of disability policy in Canada (including provincial and federal jurisdictions) with the potential to effect community integration for people with spinal cord injuries. [...] These questions expose the stated purpose of particular policy initiatives, the underlying ideology, the political imperatives and expectations, and the effects for people with disabilities. [...] These designations can be found in the right-hand column of the appended provincial and federal tables in Appendix A. DISCUSSION The intention of this project was to provide the groundwork for further analyses of the policy context for people with spinal cord injuries in Canada in terms of its impact on community integration. [...] Office for Disability The mandate of the office is to promote the E Issues, division of full inclusion and participation of persons y_issues/mandate/index.shtml Human Resources with disabilities in all aspects of community and Social and social life.



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