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A green industrial revolution




The opinions and recommendations in this report, and any errors, are those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publishers or funders of this report. [...] The federal government has ignored the growing evidence of climate impacts and the increasingly dire predictions from climate mod- els in favour of championing expansion of the very industries at the root of the problem, notably the Alberta oil sands. [...] In this paper we seek to construct a preliminary, in- tegrated framework for analysis of a sustainable economy, and to launch a dialogue about strategies the federal government can undertake to acceler- ate the transition to such an economy by creating a new generation of well- paying “green jobs.” We assemble some baseline information about green jobs in the Canadian context, and associated socia [...] Eco- logical economics recognizes that the economy is a sub-set of the biosphere, and places its emphasis on the inflows of materials and energy, and the out- flow of wastes, into production and consumption activities. [...] Can- ada’s proved oil reserves are now the third largest in the world (after Saudi Arabia and Venezuela), and bitu- men from the oil sands makes up 97% of these reserves.16 The proved reserves of the oil sands alone represents 73 Gt (gigatonnes or billion tonnes) of CO2, with the po- tential for almost double that amount with future discoveries and developments in the area.



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