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Continuous Improvement of Safety for Facilities and Activities /

12 Jul 2018

Below: Millennium Project Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission - 11 CANADA’S NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission - CANADIAN TECHNOLOGY – CANDU 12 CANADA DEUTERIUM URANIUM (CANDU) REACTORS • Pressure tube type pressurized heavy water reactor (PHWR) with calandria vessel • Major components of primary heat transport system (PHTS): • Fuel chann [...] Public Commission Hearing (Part 2) held on June 26–28, 2018 Aerial view of Pickering Nuclear Generating Station Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission - CANADA’S NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS 17 POINT LEPREAU NUCLEAR GENERATING STATION (NEW BRUNSWICK) • Licence expires on June 30, 2022 • Refurbishment completed – Returned to service November 2012 Aerial view of Point Lepreau Nuclear Generat [...] Evacuation and decontamination station Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission - 47 NUCLEAR EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission - EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT REGULATIONS 48 • The CNSC is responsible for oversight of licensee actions and for providing support to provincial and federal authorities during an emergency • CNSC published Discussion Paper D [...] Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission - SOURCE BASED PRESCRIBED EQUIPMENT 53 • Teletherapy and brachytherapy (medical) • Pool type irradiators for sterilization (industrial) • Research irradiators (academic) Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission - CERTIFICATION OF PRESCRIBED EQUIPMENT 54 • The CNSC certifies prescribed equipment including certain types of irradiat [...] Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission - ONGOING REGULATORY FOCUS 55 • Improved oversight of radiation protection programs • Continued focus on sharing OPEX from reported events • Preparation for second phase of the implementation of REGDOC-2.12.3, Security of Nuclear Substances: Sealed Sources • Ongoing modernization of the regulatory framework Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission -
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