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A guide to Canadian mining taxation /




To assist taxpayers in the application However, in a June 2013 consultation of the federal income tax rules and Individuals paper, the federal government proposed regulations, the CRA publishes guidance An individual must file a federal income to eliminate these and other advantages in the form of information circulars, tax return and, if applicable, a Québec in order to align the treatment of int [...] The tax liability in respect following the calendar year in a federal information return in other of the business of the partnership which the partnership’s fiscal circumstances. [...] If the taxpayer disposes of in a transaction that is subject to the of a Canadian resource property that an oil and gas property that includes successor corporation rules, its ACFRE is a mining property, the disposition an oil sands property, the disposition will be the same as its CFRE.) does not give rise to a capital gain or does not give rise to a capital gain or Where a taxpayer disposes of a [...] The latter option may be at the end of the year, the taxpayer indefinitely any undeducted balance preferred if the taxpayer has foreign includes the amount of the negative in its CCOGPE account and claim the exploration and development balance in its income for the year. [...] They do not maximum deduction is equal to the lesser include the cost of acquisition of a include, among other things, the cost of of 30% of the ACFRE for the particular Canadian resource property that is an depreciable property and expenditures country (subject to proration for short oil and gas property.


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