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A systematic review of the psychometric properties of instruments used to measure knowledge translation in healthcare professionals




The purpose of this project was to conduct a systematic review of the psychometric properties of instruments designed to measure the use of research (i.e., research utilization) with an emphasis on measuring it among healthcare providers, decision makers, and in healthcare organizations. [...] The purpose of this technical report, titled A Systematic Review of the Psychometric Properties of Instruments used to Measure Knowledge Translation in Healthcare Professionals, is to document the methods and broad (aggregated) findings of the project. [...] Unfortunately, despite increased accessibility to and awareness of research findings on the part of decision-makers and healthcare providers, one of the most consistent findings in clinical and health services research is that the uptake of research findings into practice is at best, slow and haphazard [1-11]. [...] Recognition of this ‘research-practice gap’ and a desire to narrow it has led to the development of a considerable body of knowledge on the use of research use (or research utilization)a.



health education science and technology psychology research health services research medical care medicine nursing philosophy health care assessment evidence-based medicine therapy health services administration psychometrics nursing research reliability validity further education health treatment educational assessment evidence based construct validity psychometric knowledge translation internal consistency cronbach lee cronbach cronbach alpha