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2009-2010 evaluation of the Security Certificate Initiative : Évaluation de l'Initiative sur les certificats de sécurité 2009-2010 : rapport final




The Security Certificate Initiative’s continuing relevance in terms of the protection of classified information and national security must be premised on the notion that if the amendments to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act had not been implemented through the Security Certificate Initiative, the security certificate process would no longer exist. [...] There is a need to build on the existing foundation to carry out Partners’ respective activities, as well as to work together on improving programs and policies related to the Initiative and the objectives of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act; specifically, to protect the health and safety of Canadians and to maintain the security of Canadian society. [...] The purpose of the SCI is to support the Government of Canada’s responsibility to balance the protection of Canadians from risks presented by inadmissible foreign nationals and permanent residents, with the maintenance of core values of freedom, democracy, respect for human rights and the rule of law. [...] If the judge during the judicial review, or a court on appeal from the judge’s decision, is of the opinion that considerations of fairness and natural justice require that a special advocate be appointed to protect the interests of the permanent resident or foreign national, the judge or court shall appoint a special advocate from the list referred to in subsection 85(1). [...] The evaluation examines the continued relevance of the SCI and the performance of the SCI through the funded activities (shown in Table 2), leading to outputs and outcomes, as illustrated in the logic model at Exhibit 1. Notwithstanding this nuance, a discussion of SCI activities, in some cases, is impossible without also mentioning the SC process itself.


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