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2016 Prevention System Quality Index




It identifies achievements the implementation of policies and programs that policies and programs that can reduce the prevalence and gaps in the system and highlights opportunities can prevent cancer and other chronic diseases in of cancer risk factors and exposures in the population. [...] The PSQI supports the work of Cancer Care Ontario’s Reducing the prevalence of cancer risk factors and exposures partners in governments, non-governmental is key to improving the health of Ontarians because organizations and public health units in Ontario. [...] Private off-premises alcohol outlets to 2014; however, the prevalence of moderate food •. The percentage of non-smokers age 20 and older •. Privatization of off-premises alcohol outlets may result insecurity increased slightly, but significantly, and the exposed to second-hand smoke in public places in increased alcohol consumption in a population. [...] A comprehensive provincial tobacco recommendation in Taking Action to improve vegetables and fruit fewer than five times per day) control strategy contributed to a reduction in smoking measurement and monitoring of the prevention increased significantly from 63.8 per cent in 2003 to prevalence and a substantial cost savings to the system in Ontario.3 66.1 per cent in 2014. [...] It increases the number of smokers 200 cigarettes, based on the target inflation rate of 2.0 average pre-tax price of a carton of cigarettes exceeded who try to quit, reduces the number of former per cent as of February 2016.33 the increase in taxes, the percentage of the total retail smokers who relapse and decreases the average price made up by tobacco taxes decreased from 2014 cigarette consump