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2018 Survey of Consumers' Comprehension of Home Equity Lines of Credit




Financial Consumer Agency of Canada Survey of Consumers’ Comprehension of Home Equity Lines of Credit (2018) – Executive Summary POLITICAL NEUTRALITY STATEMENT I hereby certify as Senior Officer of Ipsos that the deliverables fully comply with the Government of Canada political neutrality requirements outlined in the Communications Policy of the Government of Canada and Procedures for Planning and [...] Each incentive is tailored to the specific requirements of each survey, depending on the length of the survey, the subject matter of the study, and the time required to complete a minimum number of interviews. [...] For each of the following categories, how much did you borrow from your HELOC?


economics retail economy finance debt interest language loans mortgages sample surveys sampling loan census mortgage credit card mortgage loan sampling (statistics) non-response bias home equity line of credit heloc helocs incentive programs