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2014-2019 Manitoba co-operative community strategic plan : 2014-2019 plan stratégique de la communauté coopérative du Manitoba : être un chef de file et faire la différence au Manitoba, à la façon des coopératives : phase 2, une stratégie pour le développement at lee maintien de la communauté coopérative du Manitoba




In 2014, the Steering Committee conducted a review of the first phase of the strategy and initiated the process of developing the second phase of the Manitoba Cooperative Community Strategy (CCS) for the next five years. [...] This next phase of the strategy is seen as an opportunity to build on and consolidate the accomplishments of the first five years, and provide a strong foundation for the ongoing development of the Manitoba cooperative community. [...] The previous strategy brought the Manitoba cooperative community together with the provincial government for the first time to develop a stronger foundation for the development of cooperatives in the province. [...] The framework was based on collaboration, supporting all of the stakeholders in the strategy to assume collective ownership and responsibility over the implementation of the strategy in order to realize the vision and objectives. [...] In the course of the development of the Phase 2 Strategy, stakeholders were asked their opinion as to the effectiveness of the framework developed to support the implementation of Phase 1. The prevailing opinion was that the various elements of the framework functioned well, and should be continued to support implementation of Phase 2. 4.2 Goals for Phase 2 Strategy For the next five years of the


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