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A northern strategic plan for Labrador




At the midway point of the number of conservation officers and patrols for both the Northern Strategic Plan for Labrador, approximately 73 threatened caribou herds and inland Qsheries; and, e continued monitoring and evaluation of the plan lies per cent of the commitments scheduled for completion continued partnerships with Aboriginal groups within with the Department of Labrador and Aboriginal A [...] ArtsSmart and the Visiting Artists Not Complete of the North Atlantic in Labrador to assist persons Program have provided an opportunity for schools • Construct a new facility for the Francophone with disabilities in Labrador to have artists visit and work with school in Happy Valley–Goose Bay Resource Facilitators are now in place at the students in the areas of art, music and drama. [...] For example, the new the federal government to make a decision on the appreciate the cultural uniqueness of the Innu Innu School Board was established with support Labrador Métis land claims and Inuit peoples from the Department of Education and the Labrador e Provincial Government continues its lobbying Diversity training was delivered in Happy Valley– School Board to ease the transition and ens


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