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A view of Ontario




The mandate of the Task Force, which was announced in the April 2001 Speech from the Throne, is to measure and monitor Ontario’s competitiveness, productivity and economic progress compared to other provinces and U. S. states and to report to the public on a regular basis. [...] Focusing on effectiveness and utilization What is clear from Figure 1 is that three Effectiveness and the Reduction of recognizes a need to ensure that the maximum of the four components, namely effectiveness, Canada’s GDP per Capita Growth number of people are working and employed intensity and profile are very similar in the two The other point of leverage is through effec- in highly productive [...] Baldwin suggests that this 1997 period, he highlights the dramatic reduc- decrease in utilization is the underlying cause This point was clearly articulated by Pierre tion in the growth rate in GDP per capita that of the decrease in the growth rate of Canada’s Fortin in the C. D. Howe Benefactors Lecture: occurred over the 1990s as compared to the GDP per capita and therefore economic 1980s. [...] This externality is reflected in the exhaustive in its geographic coverage of the degree to which the occurrence of groups of Using these definitions, the Cluster Mapping U. S. with statistics at the state and county level. [...] The Government of Ontario has specifically targeted the industry for support, with the goal of making Ontario the third-largest home of the biotechnology industry in North America, behind California and New England.


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