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Opening new markets in Europe : Ouvrir de nouveaux marchés en Europe : créer des emplois et des occasions pour les Canadiens et Canadiennes : un aperçu




With CETA, Canada will be the only G-8 country and one of the only developed countries in the world to have preferential access to the world’s two largest markets, the EU and the United States—giving us | access to more than 800 million of the world’s most affluent consumers. [...] Ideas and expertise are also traded in the form of services and investment flows from one country to another to create jobs and growth in both the originating and destination countries. [...] It is expected that more EU companies will invest in Canada to take advantage of Canada’s preferential access to the United States and other markets, while non-EU companies will invest in Canada to take advantage of our preferential access to both the EU and the United States. [...] In addition, CETA recognizes the importance of making the views of non-disputing individuals and organizations known, and accordingly allows them to apply to make submissions to the arbitral panel. [...] CETA will be the first of Canada’s free trade agreements to include substantive and binding provisions on the mutual recognition of professional qualifications—the outcome of close collaboration between regulators, the provinces and territories, and the federal government.


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