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A national intellectual property crime threat assessment, 2005 to 2008 : Évaluation nationale des menaces concernant la criminalité liée à la propriété intellectuelle, 2005 à 2008




The depressed economy and the availability of such goods may play a role in the increasing demand for counterfeit and pirated products. [...] A deceptive market refers to the instance where a consumer is unaware that the product is counterfeit and is deceived into believing that the item is genuine. [...] In Canada, Copyright is criminally protected under the Copyright Act, and under the newly enacted (2007) s.432 of the Criminal Code, which pertains to the unauthorized recording of a movie. [...] Section 380 pertains to the general offence of fraud, whereas s.406 pertains to the offence of forging a trademark, s.408 to passing off wares, s.409 to possessing the instruments to forge a trademark, and s.410 to defacing or concealing a trademark without the consent of the rightsholder. [...] Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative (APGCI),10 the marine transportation of containerized cargo from the Asia-Pacific Region, the main source of counterfeit goods imported into Canada, has increased and is predicted to continue to increase as the initiative develops.


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