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A 2016 Overview




A 2016 overview: Fourth annual report on governments’ efforts Another Slow Year for Boreal to conserve Canada’s boreal caribou woodland Caribou Conservation December 2016 Another Slow Year for Boreal Woodland Caribou Conservation: A 2016 Overview Before October 2017, the federal government will need to report on the progress that has been made by all governments in implementing, and meeting the ob [...] One of the few positive outcomes for boreal caribou habitat conservation by government actors in 2016, was the acceptance of a new forest management plan by the Saskatchewan government that includes a 20-year deferral for 2,230 km2 of caribou habitat on one forestry tenure. [...] Meanwhile, in a recently released range plan from Alberta, there seem to be no measures in place to conserve existing habitat in the Little Smoky and A la Peche ranges, despite the extremely high level of disturbance and how little habitat currently remains. [...] These reports reveal that the socio-economic impacts of boreal caribou recovery at the provincial scale are in fact far lower than portrayed and propose concrete steps to achieve caribou recovery in Quebec. [...] In addition, the government has been hosting meetings for range planning in the central and western part of the province.


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