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A descriptive study of employers' attitudes and practices in hiring newcomer job seekers




This A modification of this paradigm to a major shift in the use of power imbalance between suggests that education obtained technology with respect to employers and job seekers outside of Canada does not screening and soliciting reinforces the cultural necessarily provide the same potential employees, such as gauges in evaluating job knowledge, skills and training Human Resources seekers, to the [...] However, constructs from this • Perhaps most important of implications for policymaking model direct attention to the all is the role that Cultural and the delivery of related characteristics of individuals, Barriers play in the services often vary. [...] First and foremost, the for immigrants and refugees can Canadian employers are in deficit model contributes to the be seen as the dismantling of desperate need of skilled pathologization of immigrants. [...] The economic some of the core values of the and labour market integration of mainstream society and is ___________________________ newcomers cannot be seen in dominated by what is often isolation from their social and called the “old boys club”.



education politics economy social inclusion science and technology canada business culture employment globalization human resources human capital immigrants immigration labour personnel management race social capital jobs community demographics exclusion job immigrant society employee retention attitude (psychology) recruiters recruiting employer attitude surveys